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OOP = out of print
Guidebook of selected areas in southwestern Montana, the 1st Annual TRGS Field conference, Bozeman, MT, 165 pages. MBMG Special Publication 73   $15.00
Abstracts of papers presented at the 1977 and 1979 Tobacco Root Geological Society Annual Meetings, from the 2nd and 4th Annual TRGS Conferences held at Fairmont Hot Springs, MT, 22 pages. (see 1979) TRGS Publication   $5.00
Guidebook of the Drummond-Elkhorn areas, west-central Montana; from the 3rd Annual TRGS Field Conference, Missoula, MT, Miller, M.R., (ed.), 52 pages. MBMG Special Publication 82 (1980)   $5.00
Abstracts of papers presented at the 1979 Tobacco Root Geological Society Annual Meetings, from the 4th Annual TRGS Conferences held at Fairmont Hot Springs, MT, 14 pages. (included with 1977) TRGS Publication   see 1977
1980 Field Conference Guidebook for the 5th Annual TRGS Conference. Spokane, WA. 93 pages TRGS Guidebook $15.00
1981 TRGS Field Conference September 8-13, Pocatello, Idaho, Alt, D., and Hyndman, D., (eds.), 76 pages. (1982)Northwest Geology, v. 11 $15.00
The Overthrust Province in the Vicinity of Dillon, Montana, and How This Structural Framework Has Influenced Mineral and Energy Resources Accumulation: Guidebook for the 7th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Dillon, MT, Beaver, P., (ed.), 87 pages TRGS Guidebook   $15.00
Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 8th Annual Tobacco Root Geological Society Conference, Whitefish, MT, Beaver, P., (ed.), 24 pagesTRGS Publication $10.00
Geology, Tectonics and Mineral Resources of Western and Southern Idaho: Guidebook for the 9th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Boise, ID, Beaver, P., (ed.), 111 pages TRGS Guidebook   $12.00
Geology and Mineral Resources of the Tobacco Root Mountains and Adjacent Region, Guidebook of the 10th Annual TRGS Field Conference, Bozeman, MT, Beaver, P., (ed.), 87 pages.TRGS Guidebook $15.00
Cenozoic geology of Moscow, Idaho and surrounding areas: Guidebook for the 11th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Moscow, Idaho. Beaver, P., (ed.), 74 pages. TRGS Guidebook   $15.00
Guidebook for the Helena area, west-central Montana: Guidebook for the 12th Annual Field Conference. Helena, MT, Berg, R.B., Breuniger, R., (eds.), 64 pages MBMG Special Publication 95   $5.00
The Greater Missoula Area - Guidebook for the 13th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Missoula, MT, Weidman, R.M., (ed.) 89 pages. TRGS Guidebook   $10.00
Structure, Stratigraphy, and Economic Geology of the Dillon Area: Guidebook for the 14th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Dillon, MT, Sears, J.W., (eds.), 86 pages Northwest Geology v. 18   $10.00
Geology and Ore Deposits of the Transchallis Fault System/Great Falls Tectonic Zone: Guidebook for the 15th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Salmon, Idaho, Moye, F.J., (ed.), 121 pages TRGS Guidebook   $10.00
Guidebook of the Central Montana Alkalic Province Geology, Ore Deposits, and Origin, Baker, D.W., and Berg, R.B., (eds.), 201 pages.MBMG Special Publication 100 $25.00
Guidebook for the Red Lodge - Beartooth Mountains - Stillwater Area Proceedings from the 17th Annual TRGS Field Conference, Elliot, J.E., (ed.), 133 pages Northwest Geology, v. 20/21   $10.00
Economic and Regional Geology of the Tobacco Root/Boulder Batholith Region, Montana: Guidebook for the 18th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Indiana University Field Station, Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, Childs, J.E., and Lageson, D.R., (eds.), 129 pages. Northwest Geology v. 22   $20.00
Geologic Guidebook to the Belt-Purcell Supergroup, Glacier National Park and Vicinity, Field trips to the 1993 Belt Symposium, Paul K. Link, editor, 2nd edition (1997). Belt Symposium   $25.00
Metallogeny of the Belt-Purcell Basin (Middle Proterozoic): Southern British Columbia and Northern U.S. Rocky Mountains. Proceedings from the 19th Annual TRGS Field Conference, Lageson, D.R., (ed.), 97 pages Northwest Geology, v. 23   $12.00
Geologic History of the Dillon Area, Southwestern Montana, Proceedings volume from the 20th Annual field conference of the TRGS, 93 pages. Northwest Geology v. 25   $15.00
Field Guide to Geologic Excursions in Southwest Montana, Rocky Mountain Section GSA, Bozeman, MT May 16-21, 1995, Mogk, D.W., (ed.), 330 pages. Northwest Geology v. 24   $35.00
Field Trip Guidebook 1: Self-Guided Trips near Bozeman, Custer, S.G., Smith, D.L., and Welker, M., 1982 (1985 version), 61 pages.TRGS Guidebook  $10.00
Field Trip Guidebook Supplement to the Road Log: Yovich, M.J. and Lee-Roark, C., 1995, 62 pages.TRGS Guidebook  $15.00
Field Trip Guidebook: A pictoral gide to the faults of the Camp Creek--Soap Gulch area, Southwestern Montana: Dresser, H., 36 pages.TRGS Guidebook  $10.00
Geology of the Crook in the Snake River Plain, Twin Falls and Vicinity, Idaho. Proceedings Volume from the 21st Annual TRGS Field Conference. College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, ID, Hughes, S.S., and Thomas, R.C., (eds.), 123 pages. Northwest Geology v. 26  $12.00
The Edges of the Crazies: Geology Where the Mountains Meet the Prairie. Proceedings from the 22nd Annual TRGS Field Conference with the Montana Geological Society. Livingston, MT, Lageson, D.R., (ed.), 77+ pages, Second Edition, 2013. Northwest Geology v. 27  $12.00
Hard Rocking in Montana: Mining - Past...Present...Future. Special issue dedicated to the 23rd Annual Field Conference. Lincoln, MT, Lageson, D.R., (ed.), 117 pages.Northwest Geology v. 28  $12.00
Central Montana Rocks: Geology of the Judith Mountains. Proceedings from the 24th Annual TRGS Field Conference. Lewistown, MT, Lageson, D.R., (ed.), 50 pages. Northwest Geology v. 29  $12.00
Butte 2000: New Views on the District. Mining Geology, History, and Future. Proceedings from the 25th Annual TRGS Field Conference, Butte, MT. 65 pages TRGS Publication  $12.00
Butte 2000a: Stereo Picture Guidebook to Big Butte Volcanics, Dresser, H., 73 pages.TRGS Guidebook  $10.00
Butte 2000b: Stereo Picture Guidebook to Intrusive Tuff at "The Rocks" Hargrave, P., and Dresser, H., 33 pages.TRGS Guidebook  $10.00
Out of the Flood and into the Panhandle: Northern Idaho Geology, Lageson, D.R., (ed.), 81 pagesNorthwest Geology v. 30  $12.00
Virginia City, Here we Come! TRGS 27th annual field conference, Lageson, D.R., (ed.), 88 pagesNorthwest Geology v. 31  $20.00
TRGS Field Conference and the Belt Symposium IV, Lageson, D.R., and Christner, R.B. (eds.), 223 pages.Northwest Geology v. 32  $30.00
White Sulphur Springs, Montana, 29th annual field conference, Gibson, R.I., and Thomas, R.C. (eds.), 110 pages (6 color). Northwest Geology v. 33   $25.00
Sun River-Choteau, Montana, 30th annual field conference, Gibson, R.I., and Thomas, R.C. (eds.), 138 pages (9 color). Northwest Geology v. 34   $25.00
Libby, Montana, 31st annual field conference, Gibson, R.I., and Thomas, R.C. (eds.), 123 pages (4 color). Northwest Geology v. 35   $25.00
Introduction to the Geology of the Dillon Area, Montana, 32nd annual field conference, Thomas, R.C., and Gibson, R.I., (eds.), 272 pages (3 color + 2 color fold-outs). Northwest Geology v. 36   $40.00
The Red Lodge Area and other papers, 33rd annual field conference, Thomas, R.C., and Gibson, R.I., (eds.), 172 pages (1 color). Northwest Geology v. 37   $30.00
The Philipsburg Area and other papers, 34th annual field conference, Cox, B.E., and Gibson, R.I., (eds.), 158 pages (7 color). Northwest Geology v. 38   $25.00
The Anaconda Area and other papers, 35th annual field conference, Cox, B.E., and Gibson, R.I., (eds.), 122 pages (6 color). Northwest Geology v. 39   $20.00
The Superior Area and other papers, 36th annual field conference, Smith, L.N., and Gibson, R.I., (eds.), 162 pages (4 color). Northwest Geology v. 40   $25.00
Yellowstone National Park and other papers, 37th annual field conference, Garsjo, M.M., and Gibson, R.I., (eds.), 160 pages (8 color). Northwest Geology v. 41   $25.00
Belt Symposium V and other papers, 38th annual field conference, Lewis, R.S., Garsjo, M.M., and Gibson, R.I., (eds.), 416 pages (8 color). Northwest Geology v. 42   $40.00
Geology of the Republic Area and Portions of the Okanogan Highlands, WA, 196 p. Northwest Geology v. 43   $40.00
Geology of the Elliston Area, Montana, and other papers, 245 p. Northwest Geology v. 44   $40.00

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